50 Cent Put On Blast By Ed Lover For Destroying Diddy Online| Ep. 119 (Callers Go Off)

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    In a shocking turn of events on the latest episode, we discuss how radio host Ed Lover puts rapper 50 Cent on blast for his recent online antics targeting fellow hip-hop mogul Diddy. Callers flooded in to express their outrage at 50 Cent’s disrespectful behavior, with some even calling for him to be cancelled.

    The drama began when 50 Cent took to social media to mock Diddy’s recent failed business ventures, causing an uproar in the rap community. Ed Lover wasted no time in calling out 50 Cent for his immature and petty behavior, stating, “You’re too old for this nonsense, man. Grow up and act like a professional.”

    Listeners were quick to chime in, with one caller stating, “I used to be a fan of 50 Cent, but this is just too much. He needs to stop dragging Diddy through the mud and focus on his own career.” Another caller added, “It’s disappointing to see someone as successful as 50 Cent stoop to such a low level. He needs to apologize and move on.”

    In the midst of the chaos, Diddy himself has yet to respond to 50 Cent’s taunts, leaving fans wondering how he will handle the situation. Will 50 Cent apologize for his actions, or will he continue to stir the pot? Tune in to Spooky Hours to find out more about this developing story.