JT GOES OFF on Fans for Joking After Yung Miami is Accused of Transporting PINK COKE for Diddy!

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    In a bizarre turn of events, rapper JT went off on fans for joking about her fellow City Girls member Yung Miami being accused of transporting PINK COKE for Diddy.

    The drama unfolded after rumors started swirling that Yung Miami was caught with a shipment of pink-colored cocaine meant for Diddy’s personal use. Fans on social media couldn’t help but make jokes about the wild accusation, but JT was not having it.

    In a fiery tweet, JT slammed the fans for making light of the situation, stating, “Y’all really out here joking about serious allegations against my girl Yung Miami? That ain’t funny, that’s disrespectful. Show some respect and keep our names out your mouths.”

    The controversy has taken the internet by storm, with fans divided on whether JT is justified in her anger or if the situation is just too ridiculous to take seriously. As the investigation into the alleged pink cocaine scandal continues, one thing is for sure – this wild story is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing saga.