LaTocha Scott Files Lawsuit Against Mona Scott Young and Live Nation Regarding Xscape Tour

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    LaTocha Scott Takes Legal Action Against Mona Scott Young and Live Nation Over Xscape Tour

    LaTocha Scott, a member of the iconic R&B group Xscape, is making headlines as she takes legal action against TV producer Mona Scott Young and Live Nation over the group’s upcoming tour with SWV. The drama unfolded when Mona Scott Young announced that Xscape, excluding LaTocha, would be embarking on a nationwide tour with SWV.

    LaTocha, through her attorney, is alleging that Live Nation and Mona Scott Young’s Monami Entertainment Group are infringing upon her rights as one-half of the trademark owner of the Xscape brand. She claims that she was blindsided by the news of the tour and that her consent was not sought before the contract was signed.

    The letter sent by LaTocha’s attorney accuses Live Nation and Monami Entertainment of publicly advertising the Xscape brand for the tour without LaTocha’s approval or discussion of financial terms. It also implicates Mona Scott Young, alleging that she intentionally interfered with LaTocha’s rights despite being aware of the trademark situation.

    LaTocha’s attorney has demanded that Mona Scott Young/Monami Entertainment and Live Nation contact them within five days to secure the proper licensing for the use of the Xscape trademark. The trademark was secured by LaTocha and her sister Tameka Scott during a period when Kandi Burruss was not planning to rejoin the group.

    In addition to the legal action against Mona Scott Young and Monami Entertainment, LaTocha has also sent a similar letter to Live Nation regarding the use of the Xscape trademark at the Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas. The situation is sure to escalate as LaTocha fights to protect her rights and the Xscape brand.