Sania Feagin and Ashlyn Watkins of South Carolina are carrying on the Gamecocks’ tradition of strong frontcourt play

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    Emerging Frontcourt Duo Leading South Carolina’s Defensive Dominance

    South Carolina’s Frontcourt Duo Ready to Shine in Final Four

    As the South Carolina Gamecocks gear up for their Final Four matchup against NC State, all eyes are on the dynamic frontcourt duo of Ashlyn Watkins and Sania Feagin. With the impending departure of star center Kamilla Cardoso to the WNBA draft, the spotlight is now on Watkins and Feagin to step up and lead the team.

    Watkins, aptly nicknamed “Swatkins,” has been a defensive force this season, averaging an impressive 4.8 blocks per 40 minutes and ranking third in Division I. Her ability to alter shots and protect the rim has been crucial to the Gamecocks’ success on the defensive end.

    Feagin, on the other hand, has seen her role expand this season, with her minutes nearly doubling and her shooting efficiency improving significantly. Averaging 6.7 points and 3.8 rebounds, Feagin has become a key contributor on both ends of the floor for South Carolina.

    The chemistry between Watkins and Feagin is undeniable, both on and off the court. Their shared commitment to defense and their ability to challenge each other to be their best has been a driving force behind the Gamecocks’ success this season.

    As they prepare to face off against NC State in the Final Four, Watkins and Feagin are focused on redemption after falling short in last year’s national semifinal. With their tenacity, skill, and determination, they are ready to lead South Carolina to victory and make their mark as the next stars in the Gamecocks’ frontcourt legacy.