Metro Boomin addresses rumors of beef between Drake and Future over IG model Princess Diana

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    Metro Boomin, the renowned producer and DJ, has finally broken his silence on the rumors swirling around Drake and Future’s alleged beef over Instagram model Princess Diana. In a recent interview, Metro set the record straight and gave fans a glimpse into the drama unfolding behind the scenes.

    The controversy began when reports surfaced that Drake and Future were at odds over Princess Diana, with both artists vying for her attention. The speculation reached a fever pitch when Princess Diana herself took to social media to address the rumors, hinting at a possible love triangle between the three stars.

    However, Metro Boomin has now weighed in on the situation, dispelling rumors of any beef between Drake and Future. In a candid interview, Metro revealed that the tension between the two artists was simply a misunderstanding and that they have since reconciled their differences.

    “It’s all just a big misunderstanding,” Metro explained. “Drake and Future are like brothers, and any rumors of them feuding over Princess Diana are simply untrue. They have a mutual respect for each other and have moved past any disagreements that may have arisen.”

    Metro went on to clarify that Princess Diana is nothing more than a friend to both Drake and Future, and that any rumors of a romantic entanglement are purely speculative.

    Fans have been quick to express their relief at Metro’s clarification, with many taking to social media to express their support for the artists. It seems that the drama surrounding Princess Diana may have been much ado about nothing, and that Drake, Future, and Metro are all on good terms.

    As the dust settles on this latest gossip-filled saga, one thing is clear: Metro Boomin has set the record straight and put an end to the rumors once and for all. The world of hip-hop can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there is no beef between Drake, Future, and Princess Diana.