Rick Ross Responds To Tyreek Hill Putting Him On Blast For Posting His House On Fire On IG

    Published on:

    Rick Ross has never been one to back down from controversy, and his latest run-in with NFL superstar Tyreek Hill is no exception. The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver took to Instagram to publicly call out the rapper for posting a video of his house on fire.

    In the video, Ross can be seen standing in front of the burning building, with flames shooting out of the windows. Hill, who was apparently nearby at the time, wasted no time in blasting the hip-hop mogul for what he deemed as a “reckless” and “insensitive” act.

    However, Ross wasted no time in firing back at Hill in a now-deleted Instagram post of his own. In the post, Ross defended his actions, claiming that he was merely documenting the fire for insurance purposes and that he had no ill intent.

    While the feud between the two celebrities continues to escalate, fans are left wondering who will come out on top in this fiery face-off. Stay tuned for more updates on this sizzling celebrity feud.