Cardi B accuses Joe Budden of harboring hatred towards her despite giving positive reviews of her new song.

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    Renowned rapper Joe Budden is once again making headlines, this time for being accused by none other than Cardi B of secretly harboring feelings of animosity towards her. Despite giving positive reviews on Cardi B’s latest hit song, “WAP,” Budden now finds himself at the center of a gossip storm.

    It all started when Cardi B took to social media to express her frustration with Budden, alleging that he has been spreading negative energy towards her behind the scenes. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper claimed that despite his public praise for her music, Budden has been telling industry insiders that he actually “hates her guts.”

    The feud between the two artists escalated when Cardi B called out Budden for being a hypocrite, pointing out that he has a history of criticizing female artists while promoting a podcast episode that featured an interview with her. The fiery rapper didn’t hold back, accusing Budden of being fake and two-faced.

    As fans eagerly wait to see how this drama unfolds, one thing is for sure – the tension between Joe Budden and Cardi B is palpable. Will Budden address the accusations and clear the air, or will this feud continue to simmer on the backburner? Stay tuned for more updates on this juicy gossip story!