Mo’Nique & Her Husband GOES OFF DJ Vlad, DL Hughley/Jason Lee Interview Gary Owens & More On IG Live

    Published on:

    In a whirlwind of drama and explosive revelations, Mo’Nique and her husband have taken to Instagram Live to air out their grievances with popular DJ Vlad, DL Hughley, Jason Lee, and comedian Gary Owens.

    The fiery couple did not hold back as they addressed their issues with DJ Vlad, accusing him of spreading false information and perpetuating negative stereotypes about them. Mo’Nique also had some choice words for DL Hughley, calling him out for his comments about her and questioning his credibility as a comedian.

    But the drama didn’t stop there. Jason Lee, the founder of Hollywood Unlocked, found himself in the crosshairs of Mo’Nique and her husband as they called him out for his role in the ongoing feud. And when it came to Gary Owens, Mo’Nique had some choice words for the comedian, accusing him of being a “culture vulture” and using his platform to tear down others in the industry.

    The Instagram Live session was filled with heated exchanges, passionate speeches, and jaw-dropping revelations that had fans glued to their screens. Mo’Nique and her husband made it clear that they are not afraid to speak their minds and defend themselves against those who try to bring them down.

    As the dust settles on this explosive broadcast, one thing is for certain – Mo’Nique and her husband are not ones to be messed with. Stay tuned for more updates as this drama continues to unfold in the world of celebrity feuds.