Buju Banton to Make Long-Awaited Return to U.S. Stage with NYC Performance After 15 Years

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    Buju Banton Returns to the United States with “Long Walk to Freedom – N.Y.” Concert at UBS Arena

    Buju Banton’s return to the United States is a momentous occasion for fans and music lovers alike. The reggae icon, who has been absent from the U.S. stage for 15 years, is set to perform at the UBS Arena in New York on July 13th, marking a triumphant comeback for the Grammy award-winning artist.

    Titled “Long Walk To Freedom – N.Y.,” the concert will be a celebration of Buju Banton’s resilience and hope, symbolizing his journey of perseverance and determination. After kicking off his world tour in Jamaica with a historic concert at the National Stadium, Buju Banton’s return to the U.S. stage is highly anticipated.

    As Buju Banton celebrates his birthday on the same weekend, the concert will be a special occasion for the artist and his fans. Buju Banton expresses his gratitude for the support he has received over the years and looks forward to celebrating with his family and friends.

    The concert is being organized by Buju Banton’s manager, Joseph Budafuco, in partnership with AG Consulting and Dahved Levy. Dahved Levy, a radio personality at WBLS and host of Long Walk To Freedom-NY, expresses his excitement to be a part of history and witness Buju Banton’s return to the U.S. stage.

    From his last show at Madison Square Garden in 2008 to his upcoming performance at the UBS Arena, Buju Banton’s return to the U.S. is a momentous occasion that fans won’t want to miss. Get ready to witness the legend in action as he takes the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable concert experience.