Cannes Usher Gets Into Altercation with Dominican Actress Following Kelly Rowland’s Incident

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    Cannes Security Guard in the News Again After Confrontation with Kelly Rowland and Massiel Taveras

    The Cannes Film Festival is making headlines once again, but this time it’s not for the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, but for a series of confrontations involving celebrities and a cantankerous security guard.

    After singer and actress Kelly Rowland had a run-in with the security guard on the red carpet, Dominican actress Massiel Taveras found herself in a similar situation at the premiere of The Count of Monte Cristo. Taveras arrived in a stunning gown with a long white train displaying an image of Jesus Christ, but as she tried to adjust her train for the cameras, the usher blocked her and tried to rush her up the stairs, causing Taveras to become visibly upset.

    This incident comes just days after Rowland’s altercation with the same usher, where she stood her ground and pointed out the unequal treatment she received compared to white women on the red carpet.

    In a show of solidarity, Taveras took to Instagram to praise Rowland for her handling of the situation and to call for better treatment of women of color in the industry.

    As the Cannes Film Festival continues to showcase the best in cinema, it seems that the real drama is happening off the screen, with celebrities like Rowland and Taveras standing up for themselves and demanding respect in the face of adversity.