DJ Akademiks Faces Backlash on Twitter for Dismissing Vory’s Involvement in Writing Drake’s “Mob Ties”

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    DJ Akademiks Faces Backlash Over Past Comments About Vory’s Writing Credits

    DJ Akademiks, the popular hip-hop commentator, found himself in hot water last night after old comments resurfaced regarding Vory’s involvement in Drake’s song “Mob Ties.” A reference track for the song leaked, sparking debates about Drake’s songwriting abilities and legacy. In an old clip, Akademiks can be seen dismissing the idea of Vory writing any bars on the track, despite being credited as a writer.

    The internet wasted no time in roasting Akademiks for his bold claim, especially as the reference track gained traction. Known for being a staunch Drake fan, Akademiks’ credibility took a hit as fans pointed out the irony of his previous statements. Twitter users, in particular, had a field day poking fun at the situation, dubbing Drake stans as “Aubrey’s Angels.”

    Now, all eyes are on Akademiks to see how he will address the situation and whether he will backtrack on his previous comments. With new information coming to light, fans are eager to hear his take on the reference track and its implications for Drake’s discography.

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