DJ Akademiks implies that Diddy is pretending to be a part of the LGBTQ community in order to avoid facing sexual assault accusations.

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    DJ Akademiks Facing Sexual Assault Allegations and Advising Diddy on Similar Allegations

    DJ Akademiks is in the spotlight once again, this time for advising Diddy on how to handle sexual assault allegations while facing his own. On his Off the Record podcast, Akademiks suggested Diddy could claim to be gay or bisexual, cite mental health issues, or apologize for past actions due to childhood trauma.

    However, Akademiks himself is embroiled in a lawsuit alleging rape and defamation by a woman named Fauziya Abashe. The lawsuit details a disturbing incident where Abashe was allegedly drugged, assaulted, and raped by two men at Akademiks’ New Jersey home, with Akademiks himself joining in the assault. Abashe reported the incident to the police, leading to a rape kit revealing Akademiks’ sperm and evidence of physical injuries.

    Despite cooperating with the police and denying the allegations, Akademiks faced backlash on social media as more women came forward with similar claims. One woman alleged that Akademiks and his friends assaulted her, while another claimed he engaged in inappropriate communication with her before she turned 18. A video also surfaced showing a woman screaming in the background, adding to the mounting accusations against Akademiks.

    As the controversy continues to unfold, Akademiks remains defiant, stating that the police found no evidence to support the allegations against him. However, the disturbing nature of the accusations and the growing number of women coming forward paint a troubling picture of the popular DJ’s behavior. The outcome of the lawsuit and the impact on Akademiks’ career remain to be seen as the story develops.