Jake Paul confirms that the fight with Mike Tyson is still happening despite Iron Mike’s recent medical emergency, stating that “nothing has changed.”

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    Jake Paul Confirms Fight with Mike Tyson Still On Despite Recent Health Scare

    The highly anticipated fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul is still on despite Tyson’s recent health scare. The 27-year-old YouTuber-turned-boxer took to social media to reassure fans that the fight is still happening, calling out rumors of a cancellation as false.

    Tyson, 57, experienced nausea and dizziness due to an ulcer flare-up while on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. However, his representative confirmed that Tyson is doing well and appreciative of the medical staff that assisted him during the incident.

    The match between Tyson and Paul is scheduled to take place on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and will be broadcast live on Netflix. Tyson expressed his excitement for the fight, calling it a “no-brainer” and stating that he enjoys shaking up the sports world.

    Paul, on the other hand, emphasized the significance of the fight, calling it the biggest fight of the 21st century. With Tyson’s impressive record of 50-6-2 and Paul’s 9-1 record, the match is expected to be a thrilling showdown between the seasoned veteran and the up-and-coming star.

    Despite his relative inexperience, Paul remains confident in his abilities, declaring himself a natural-born heavyweight and stating that he will show Tyson who has more power. With the global reach of the fight and the excitement surrounding the matchup, fans are eagerly anticipating the showdown between these two boxing legends.