Adidas and Women’s Basketball League Overtime Select Reveals Teams and Custom Uniforms for First Season

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    Overtime Select Unveils Teams and Custom Uniforms for Inaugural Season

    Overtime Select, the highly anticipated women’s basketball league, has revealed its eight teams and their custom uniforms designed in collaboration with adidas and the young athletes themselves. The league, set to begin its inaugural season in August, has already announced the team captains who played a significant role in creating their teams’ identities and uniforms.

    The partnership between Overtime Select and adidas is a groundbreaking moment for women’s basketball, as it aims to empower the next generation of athletes at the grassroots level. The league provides top 15-18-year-old players in the country with the tools and resources to build their personal brands and prepare for college through workshops and an NIL summit.

    Each team in the league has a unique identity reflected in their custom uniforms. From the stealthy and striking camo patterned uniforms of the YGE team to the danger exuding blood-red snakeskin patterned uniforms of the Venom Tears, each team showcases its personality and style on the court.

    The league features elite athletes like Hailee Swain, Jazzy Davidson, and Aaliyah Chavez, who are excited to be a part of this history-making moment. With vibrant colors, bold patterns, and unique designs, the uniforms of the Overtime Select teams are sure to make a statement on the court.

    Overtime Select gameplay is set to kick off on August 3-4 in Atlanta at OTE Arena, where fans can witness the top young talent in women’s basketball showcase their skills and compete for glory. Don’t miss out on this exciting new chapter in women’s sports!