Angel Reese believes that the WNBA’s popularity is not solely due to Caitlin Clark, but also because of her own contributions.

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    Angel Reese on the Surge of WNBA Popularity: It’s Not Just Caitlin Clark

    Angel Reese, the Chicago Sky star, believes that the recent surge in the WNBA’s popularity is not solely due to Caitlin Clark. In an interview with WGN News, Reese expressed her thoughts on the matter, stating that the attention on women’s basketball began with the 2023 NCAA women’s title game, where her LSU Tigers defeated Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes.

    Reese, 22, acknowledged the growth of the league, with more people attending games and celebrities showing up to support. She mentioned being willing to embrace the “bad guy role” if it helps the WNBA continue to grow, emphasizing that it’s not just one person responsible for the increased interest in women’s basketball.

    While Clark, also 22, has been credited with elevating women’s professional basketball by media pundits and NBA stars like Charles Barkley and LeBron James, Reese wants to remind everyone that it takes a collective effort to make a difference in the sport.

    Addressing her relationship with Clark, Reese clarified that their competitiveness on the court does not translate to personal animosity off the court. She emphasized the importance of understanding that the intense competition between players is part of the game and does not reflect their personal relationships.

    As the WNBA continues to gain popularity and attract more fans, players like Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark are at the forefront of this growth, showcasing their talent and dedication to the sport. Their rivalry on the court only adds to the excitement and entertainment for fans, contributing to the overall success of women’s basketball.