Grambling State baseball alum achieves historic major league feat with perfect 5-for-5 performance

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    Houston Astros Prospect John Garcia Makes History with Five Doubles in a Single Game

    Houston Astros prospect John Garcia made history earlier this week by achieving a feat that has never occurred in professional baseball. Playing for the High-A Asheville Tourists, Garcia recorded five doubles in an 18-8 win over the Bowling Green Hot Rods on Wednesday night.

    Garcia, a former Grambling Tigers catcher, spoke about his accomplishment after the game, expressing his excitement and desire to make it to the big leagues. “I feel so amazing. I want to be in the big leagues, so when I hear about accomplishing something that’s never been accomplished in the Majors, it felt really good,” Garcia said.

    The young player victimized four different pitchers during the game and wasted no time, with his longest at-bat lasting only four pitches. Garcia credited his success to focusing on the scouting report and being aggressive early in the count. “I’m just trying to study the scouting report for each of these pitchers. I’m also trying to hit early in the count,” he explained.

    After his first two doubles, Garcia’s teammates encouraged him to aim for five doubles in the game. With their support, Garcia achieved this remarkable feat and raised his batting average to .279, a significant improvement over his previous seasons in the minor leagues.

    Garcia’s journey to professional baseball was unconventional, as he initially focused on basketball in his youth. However, after transitioning to baseball in high school, he excelled at Grambling State, leading to his selection by the Houston Astros in the 2022 MLB Draft. With his recent historic performance, Garcia is proving that hard work and dedication can lead to extraordinary achievements in the world of sports.