LeVelle Moton discusses the benefits of Caitlin Clark representing Team USA for her business

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    LeVelle Moton Makes Case for Caitlin Clark’s Inclusion on USA Women’s Basketball Olympic Team

    The sports world was abuzz on Saturday with the surprising omission of Indiana Fever rookie guard Caitlin Clark from the United States women’s basketball team for the upcoming 2024 Olympic games in Paris. The decision sparked a debate, with North Carolina Central men’s basketball coach LeVelle Moton taking to Twitter to make a case for Clark’s inclusion.

    Moton, who has previous experience coaching for USA Basketball, drew parallels to the NBA’s iconic Dream Team in 1992, emphasizing the importance of global branding. He argued that adding Clark to the Olympic roster would not only benefit the team on the court but also help grow the WNBA’s global presence.

    In response to questions about Clark’s potential playing time, Moton highlighted the concept of “Cultural Expansion,” suggesting that her popularity could attract international talent to the WNBA, ultimately boosting the league’s economy. He also made it clear that his advocacy for Clark was based on business considerations rather than personal preferences.

    While some pointed out that Clark would be competing for a spot against veteran players like Diana Taurasi, who is aiming for a record sixth gold medal, Moton reiterated that his focus was on the economic impact of promoting young talent like Clark. The debate surrounding Clark’s omission from the Olympic team continues to generate discussion within the basketball community.