DaBaby Remains Unfazed by Criticism for Neglecting His Children’s Birthdays on Social Media

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    DaBaby Responds to Fan Criticizing His Online Posts About His Kids

    DaBaby, the North Carolina MC known for his energetic performances and catchy hits, recently found himself in the spotlight for his response to a fan’s criticism about his online posts regarding his children. The fan pointed out that DaBaby often celebrates his friends’ birthdays on social media but neglects to do the same for his own kids. In a typical DaBaby fashion, he clapped back with a humorous response, stating that his kids don’t have Instagram accounts.

    This exchange is just one of many instances where DaBaby has engaged with fans and critics online. Earlier this year, he found himself embroiled in a fake beef controversy with a well-known rapper, sparking speculation and accusations from fans. Despite the drama, DaBaby continues to showcase his lyrical prowess, recently dropping a freestyle over Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” that impressed his fans.

    In addition to his online antics, DaBaby is also dealing with legal issues, as he attempts to postpone his alleged assault trial due to his lawyer’s health complications. With uncertainty surrounding the trial, fans are eagerly awaiting updates on the case and anticipating what DaBaby has in store for the future.

    As DaBaby navigates the ups and downs of fame and controversy, one thing is certain – he remains a captivating figure in the world of hip-hop. Whether he’s dropping fiery freestyles or engaging with fans on social media, DaBaby continues to keep his audience on their toes with his unpredictable and entertaining antics.