Xavien Howard, Former NFL Pro, Accused of Sending Pornographic Material to Unknown Recipient

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    NFL Free Agent Xavien Howard Faces Lawsuit for Sexual Misconduct

    Xavien Howard, a former first-team All-Pro cornerback, is facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct that could potentially delay his signing with an NFL team. According to a report from CBS News Miami, Howard is being sued by two victims, identified only as Jane and John Doe, for sending explicit photos and videos to the underage son of one of the victims.

    The lawsuit, filed in Broward County, Florida, alleges that Howard sent multiple photos and videos of himself engaging in sexual acts with women to humiliate and cause emotional distress to the victims. The court documents reveal disturbing details of Howard’s alleged actions, including circulating sexually explicit videos of one victim without her consent after she refused his advances.

    In another disturbing revelation, Howard is accused of demanding an abortion from a woman he impregnated and then retaliating against her when she refused. Among the forms of revenge, Howard allegedly sent sexually explicit material of the woman to her underage son, causing emotional distress to both the son and his mother.

    If found guilty, Howard could face charges of injunctive relief, intrusion of privacy, sexual cyberharassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and invasion of privacy by public disclosure of private facts. Despite these serious allegations, Howard is still waiting to be signed by an NFL team after being released by the Miami Dolphins in March.

    The talented cornerback, who made four Pro Bowls during his eight seasons with the Dolphins, now faces an uncertain future in the NFL as he navigates the legal challenges ahead. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.