Gilbert Arenas Checked by WNBA Vet For Saying She wants to be signed to protect Caitlin Clark! – @YeaImStacie

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    Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas made headlines recently when he suggested that WNBA veteran Candice Dupree should be signed to protect Iowa standout Caitlin Clark. However, Dupree did not take his comment lightly and quickly checked him for his misguided remarks.

    Arenas, known for his controversial statements in the past, took to social media to express his opinion on the talented young player. He claimed that Dupree, a seasoned WNBA player, should be signed to protect Clark on the court due to her skill and potential.

    This did not sit well with Dupree, who fired back at Arenas for his sexist and demeaning comments. In a strongly worded response, Dupree questioned Arenas’ logic and reminded him that she is a successful athlete in her own right, not just someone to be used for protection.

    The heated exchange between the two sparked a debate among fans and followers, with many siding with Dupree and criticizing Arenas for his insensitive remarks. Some even called for accountability and respect towards female athletes in the industry.

    As the feud continues to escalate, it serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by women in sports and the importance of supporting and empowering female athletes. Gilbert Arenas may have sparked controversy with his comments, but it is clear that Candice Dupree is not one to be silenced or underestimated in the world of sports.