Charleston White Takes a Photo with King Von’s Suspected Killer, Refers to Him as “The Demon Slayer” in Message to Von’s Mother

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    Charleston White’s Controversial Stance on King Von and Lul Timm

    Controversial figure Charleston White has once again stirred up drama with his recent comments regarding the late rapper King Von. White, known for his outspoken and often disrespectful remarks, took to social media to express his support for Von’s alleged killer, Lul Timm.

    In a shocking Instagram post, White praised Lul Timm as a “GREAT YOUNG KING” and referred to him as “The Demon Slayer.” He went on to declare his admiration for the individual responsible for Von’s death, stating that he loves and honors him for his actions. White even went as far as to say, “WE SMOKING ON THAT VON PACK TONIGHT, THANK GOD FOR @lul_timm3.”

    Unsurprisingly, White’s post sparked immediate backlash from fans and followers alike. Many found his comments to be distasteful and disrespectful, especially considering the sensitive nature of Von’s passing and the ongoing grief experienced by his family.

    Despite the controversy, White has shown no signs of backing down from his divisive stance. As the feud between him and Von’s family continues to escalate, it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold in the coming days.

    What are your thoughts on Charleston White’s controversial remarks? Do you believe he has crossed a line with his support for Von’s alleged killer? Share your opinions in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.