M.Reck Responds To Corey Holocomb Disrespectful Comments Towards Him & Spanky Hayes (Get Likes Up)- @mreckgm

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    In a recent Instagram Live session, rapper M.Reck fired back at comedian Corey Holcomb for his disrespectful comments towards him and fellow comedian Spanky Hayes. The feud began when Holcomb made disparaging remarks about the two entertainers during a podcast, questioning their talent and relevance in the industry.

    M.Reck, known for his no-holds-barred attitude, wasted no time in clapping back at Holcomb, calling him out for trying to diminish their accomplishments. He emphasized that both he and Spanky Hayes have worked tirelessly to establish themselves in the entertainment world and deserve respect for their contributions.

    The rapper also urged his followers to show support by liking and sharing his response, in a bid to make his voice heard and defend his reputation from unwarranted attacks.

    Fans of M.Reck and Spanky Hayes have rallied behind the duo, flooding social media with messages of solidarity and encouragement. Many have expressed outrage at Holcomb’s disrespectful comments and have vowed to stand by their favorite entertainers.

    The feud between M.Reck and Corey Holcomb shows no signs of simmering down, as both parties continue to trade barbs online. It remains to be seen whether this feud will escalate further or if a resolution can be reached between the two.

    Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story as tensions continue to rise in the entertainment world. Like, share, and comment to show your support for M.Reck and Spanky Hayes as they defend their honor against baseless attacks.