SWAC expresses concerns about Celebration Bowl date change causing ‘difficulties’ for conference

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    SWAC Addresses Challenges of Moving Championship Game Before Celebration Bowl

    The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) is facing a scheduling dilemma as ESPN has moved the Cricket Celebration Bowl up a week to avoid conflicts with the new 12-team Football Bowl Series Playoffs. The SWAC released a statement addressing potential issues that could arise, particularly with the SWAC championship game now being played just a week before the Celebration Bowl.

    The statement from the SWAC expressed concerns about the challenges of participating in the Celebration Bowl immediately after the championship game, but also mentioned that adjustments may be made to help the representative team perform at their best. The SWAC title game, celebrating its 25th anniversary this season, is a signature event for the conference.

    Florida A&M, the defending SWAC and Celebration Bowl champions, had two weeks between games last year and emerged victorious. However, this year’s schedule will see the SWAC winner facing the MEAC representative in Atlanta, with the MEAC team having three weeks between games.

    John Grant, executive director of the Celebration Bowl for ESPN Events, explained that the schedule change was made with considerations for venue availability, fan experience, and the student-athlete experience. Coaches from both conferences were consulted, and it was determined that the new schedule would not be detrimental for them to compete.

    The adjustments in the schedule will undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement and challenge for the teams involved, as they strive to perform at their best in these prestigious events.