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    Tina Knowles Pays Tribute to Her Father on Father’s Day: Lumis Albert Beyince’s Influence on the Family

    Tina Knowles Pays Tribute to Her Father Lumis Albert Beyince on Father’s Day

    As Father’s Day approaches, Tina Knowles took to Instagram to honor her late father, Lumis Albert Beyince, in a heartfelt tribute. Known for her love and support for her family, Knowles shared a photo of her father along with a touching message expressing her admiration and gratitude for the man she calls “Daddy.”

    In her post on June 16, Knowles described her father as a sharp dresser, a great dancer, and a man of few words but many fatherly actions. She reminisced about the love he gave and the impact he had on their family, highlighting the qualities that she sees reflected in her children and grandchildren.

    One interesting revelation that Knowles shared was the origin of Beyoncé’s last name. According to Knowles, Beyoncé is actually her maiden name, and it was a clerical error on her birth certificate that led to the different spelling of her siblings’ last name, Beyince.

    Knowles also pointed out the influence her father had on their family’s style, with Beyoncé becoming a trendsetter in the fashion world. She credited her father for passing down his sharp dressing skills to the rest of the family, including Beyoncé who is known for her iconic fashion choices.

    Furthermore, Knowles highlighted how her father’s legacy lives on in their family through their talents and characteristics. From Beyoncé’s stage presence to Blue Ivy’s dancing skills, and even Solange’s infectious smile, Lumis Beyince’s influence is evident in the younger generations.

    As the world celebrates Father’s Day, Tina Knowles’ tribute to her father serves as a reminder of the lasting impact that a father’s love and guidance can have on his family.