Robin Roberts shares how her wife supported her in breaking ‘dysfunctional’ relationship patterns

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    Robin Roberts Opens Up About Overcoming Toxic Relationship Patterns with Wife Amber Laign

    Robin Roberts, the beloved “Good Morning America” anchor, recently opened up about her relationship with her wife, Amber Laign, and how Laign helped her unlearn toxic relationship patterns. The couple met on a blind date in 2005 and tied the knot in September 2023, but their journey was not without its challenges.

    During an episode of “The Jamie Kern Lima Show,” Roberts revealed that she almost ended her relationship with Laign after just a year together. She admitted that she was used to conflict and drama in relationships, equating it with love. However, Laign’s calm and drama-free approach to their relationship made Roberts question her previous beliefs.

    As Roberts prepared to give Laign a breakup speech in a Chinese restaurant, Laign surprised her with a confident response that made Roberts rethink her decision. This moment of clarity led Roberts to realize that she needed to unlearn her toxic relationship patterns and shift her mindset.

    After battling life-threatening illnesses together, Roberts and Laign announced their plans to marry in January 2023. Roberts expressed her gratitude for Laign’s support and understanding throughout their relationship, emphasizing the importance of unlearning harmful beliefs about love.

    Roberts’ story serves as a reminder that love doesn’t always have to be dramatic or conflict-ridden. Sometimes, the healthiest relationships are the ones that are calm, supportive, and drama-free. As Roberts and Laign continue their journey together, they serve as an inspiration for others to prioritize healthy and loving relationships.