22-Year-Old Woman Murders Sugar Daddy and Mutilates Thumb to Continue Accessing His CashApp Account

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    22-Year-Old Woman and Friend Arrested for Allegedly Killing Sugar Daddy and Severing His Thumb for CashApp Access

    A shocking and gruesome crime has left the community in disbelief as a 22-year-old woman and her friend are accused of killing her 53-year-old sugar daddy and severing his thumb to access his CashApp. Tiffany Taylor and Audrey Miller are now behind bars facing charges of first-degree murder and armed felony murder.

    The victim, Fasil Teklemariam, was found dead in his apartment with blunt force trauma injuries and stab wounds, his thumb missing. Police believe he had been dead for about three days before his body was discovered. Surveillance footage from the apartment complex showed Taylor, Miller, and two other men leaving the scene days after the killing. They were seen using the victim’s key FOB to enter the apartment and steal various items, including electronics and jewelry.

    Prior to his death, Teklemariam had reported Taylor for stealing his phone and using his CashApp without permission. His phone last pinged near Taylor’s D.C. apartment, leading authorities to suspect her involvement in the crime. Despite the arrests, police have yet to recover the victim’s thumb or any of the stolen items.

    This chilling case serves as a reminder of the dangers that can come with sugar baby relationships and the lengths some individuals will go to for financial gain. The community is left mourning the loss of Teklemariam and seeking justice for his senseless death.