Meagan Good and Cory Hardrict share how their personal journeys with divorce influenced ‘Divorce in the Black’

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    Meagan Good Opens Up About Life, Love, and Divorce in New Film “Divorce in the Black”

    Meagan Good, the 42-year-old actress known for her roles in Hollywood, is gearing up for her newest project, “Divorce in the Black,” a film that hits close to home for the star. Good, who recently went through a public divorce from preacher-producer DeVon Franklin, shared in a recent interview with theGrio that the movie’s storyline resonates with her own life-changing separation.

    In the film, Good plays Ava, a woman who finds love and life after her husband files for divorce. The character embarks on a journey of optimism, hope, and excitement for what the future holds, mirroring Good’s own outlook on life post-divorce.

    Good revealed that her personal escape during tough times is her home, a place that brings her a sense of calm and serenity. She shared that finding her current home was a long process but ultimately led her to a place reminiscent of her childhood home, surrounded by nature and tranquility.

    Joining Good in “Divorce in the Black” is actor Cory Hardrict, who plays Ava’s estranged husband. Hardrict, who went through a divorce from actress Tia Mowry in 2023, poured raw emotion into his performance, drawing from his personal experiences to deliver a powerful portrayal on screen.

    Both Good and Hardrict hope that audiences will take away a valuable lesson from the film about acceptance, positivity, and moving forward in the face of life’s challenges. “Divorce in the Black” is set to premiere on Prime Video on Thursday, July 11, offering viewers a poignant and relatable story of love, loss, and new beginnings.