Vice President Harris Visits US Olympic Basketball Practice, Encourages Team to Aim for Gold

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    Vice President Kamala Harris Visits U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team Practice in Las Vegas

    Vice President Kamala Harris Surprises U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team at Practice

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Vice President Kamala Harris made a surprise appearance at the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team’s practice on Tuesday, delivering a powerful message to the players: “Bring back the gold.”

    Harris, a known Golden State Warriors fan, addressed the team at the end of their final training camp practice session in Las Vegas. The team, coached by Warriors’ Steve Kerr and featuring star player Stephen Curry, received words of encouragement and admiration from the Vice President.

    Coach Kerr, who has met Harris on multiple occasions due to her Warriors fandom, expressed gratitude for her support. “Vice President Harris told the guys how much she admired them, how much they really embody excellence and that we are going over there to try to win a gold medal for our country,” Kerr said.

    Harris interacted with the players, including chatting with LeBron James, and posed for a group photo with the team. She emphasized the importance of representing the nation and encouraged the players to showcase their excellence, teamwork, and commitment in Paris.

    The unexpected visit from Harris left a lasting impact on the team, with assistant coach Erik Spoelstra describing it as a special moment. Harris’s message of unity and national pride resonated with the players as they prepare for the upcoming Olympic games.

    As Harris continues her campaign appearances in Las Vegas and Dallas, her support for the U.S. men’s basketball team serves as a reminder of the nation’s backing. The team’s first exhibition game against Canada is set for Wednesday, with Harris urging them to start their winning streak early.

    “Our nation is cheering you on and we are so proud of you,” Harris said. “Beat Canada and bring back that gold.” The team is set to compete in the Olympics in France, with their first game against Serbia on July 28.