Black Models of the 90s Who Deserve Recognition

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    Celebrating Black Supermodels of the 90s: Giving Flowers to the Icons of Luxury and Inclusion

    The resurgence of interest in Black supermodels from the 90s has sparked a conversation about the impact these women had on the fashion industry. In the docu-series and coffee table book In Supreme Models by Marcellas Reynolds, the spotlight is on the trailblazing Black supermodels who brought diversity and inclusion to the forefront of the fashion world.

    One of the most iconic Black supermodels of the 90s, Naomi Campbell, is often celebrated for her contributions to the industry. However, it is important to recognize and appreciate other Black models who also made a significant impact. From Beverly Peele, who graced the covers of over 200 magazines, to Alek Wek, who continues to walk runways and shoot editorials today, these women broke barriers and paved the way for future generations of models.

    Mounia, the muse of Yves Saint Laurent, and Katoucha Nian, another muse of the legendary designer, were instrumental in changing the perception of beauty in the fashion world. Their presence on runways and in campaigns challenged the industry to embrace diversity and celebrate Black excellence.

    Maureen Gallagher, known for her iconic image with a giraffe in Peter Beard’s photography, also made a mark in the fashion scene with her youthful glow and captivating presence. These Black supermodels were not just faces on magazines, they were symbols of empowerment and representation for women of color around the world.

    As the fashion industry continues to evolve and embrace diversity, it is essential to remember and honor the legacy of these incredible Black supermodels who paved the way for a more inclusive and representative industry. Their contributions will forever be remembered and celebrated in the history of fashion.