Kendall-Jackson Winery Partnership Scores Big with NBA, According to SOURCE SPORTS

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    NBA Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with Kendall-Jackson Winery

    The NBA and Kendall-Jackson Winery have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership that will redefine the intersection of sports and fine wine. This collaboration marks the first official winery partnership for the NBA, with Kendall-Jackson becoming the Official Wine of the NBA and USA Basketball, and La Crema as the Official Wine of the WNBA.

    The partnership aims to celebrate shared values of excellence and community, offering unique experiences for players, coaches, and fans. Kendall-Jackson, a prestigious family-owned winery from California, will host wine tastings and educational initiatives to deepen appreciation for wine culture within the basketball community.

    Julie Morris, NBA Senior Vice President of Commercial Development and Media, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the blend of wine culture with the excitement of the game. Chris Jackson, Co-Proprietor for Kendall-Jackson, emphasized the partnership’s focus on enriching the fan experience through the fusion of basketball passion and winemaking artistry.

    Fans can look forward to exclusive events like the NBA Experiences Dinner Series and the NBA Con, where Kendall-Jackson will showcase its wines and engage with fans. The partnership, which originated during the NBA Restart in 2020, aims to strengthen bonds of camaraderie and shared experiences among fans and players.

    As Kendall-Jackson headlines USA Basketball’s 50th Anniversary event and La Crema partners with the WNBA, the collaboration promises to bring a new level of sophistication and excitement to the world of basketball. This partnership sets the stage for a future where wine and sports converge in unexpected and exhilarating ways, creating unforgettable moments for fans and players alike.