NC State coach Kevin Keatts goes from hot seat rumors to the Final Four

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    NC State Coach Kevin Keatts: From Underdog to Final Four Captain

    NC State coach Kevin Keatts is on the verge of making history as he leads his team to the Final Four in the NCAA men’s tournament. Keatts, who has had an unlikely journey from Lynchburg to Ferrum College to Hargrave Military Academy to Louisville, UNC Wilmington, and now NC State, is now just two victories away from winning a national championship of his own.

    Despite facing speculation about his job security earlier in the season, Keatts remained focused and led his team to victory in the ACC tournament, earning himself a contract extension and a bonus. Now, as the Wolfpack faces heavily favored Purdue in the national semifinal game, Keatts remains confident in his team’s abilities.

    Keatts, who has reached the Final Four twice before as an assistant coach, is now the captain of his own ship and is determined to lead his team to victory. With a tough and competitive mindset, Keatts has become a mentor to young coaches, especially young Black coaches, offering advice on building and sustaining successful careers in the coaching industry.

    As Keatts prepares for the Final Four, he remains focused on the present moment and the task at hand. With a positive attitude and unwavering faith in himself, Keatts is determined to make the most of this opportunity and lead his team to victory. If successful, Keatts could become the first Black ACC coach to win a national championship, solidifying his place in NCAA history.