Conservatives Criticize Sunny Hostin for Eclipse Comments

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    Conservatives Criticize Sunny Hostin’s Comments on Solar Eclipse, Earthquakes, and Climate Change

    Conservatives on social media have been buzzing about ‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin’s recent comments linking the solar eclipse, earthquakes in NYC, climate change, and the rapture. Hostin shared a story about her makeup artist fleeing during a recent earthquake, exclaiming that Jesus was coming. She connected this event to the solar eclipse, the emergence of trillions of cicadas, and climate change, suggesting a possible correlation.

    However, Hostin’s co-hosts quickly corrected her, with Joy Behar explaining that earthquakes are not related to climate change as they occur underground. Whoopi Goldberg also clarified that the cicadas emerge on a multi-year cycle and that the solar eclipse and climate change are not connected. Despite this, conservatives online wasted no time in criticizing Hostin’s statements, with some calling her the “dumbest person on television.”

    Interestingly, while Hostin faced backlash, many seemed to overlook recent controversial statements made by former President Donald Trump. Trump compared himself to Jesus Christ ahead of Easter, claiming that the legal challenges he faced were akin to the crucifixion. He also compared a gag order in his hush-money case to Nelson Mandela’s political imprisonment.

    In light of these remarks, some have pointed out the irony of Trump supporters criticizing Hostin for her comments. It seems that in the world of politics and television, dramatic statements and comparisons are not uncommon.