Russell Simmons Accepts Daughter’s Relationship with 65-Year-Old Man Without Complaint

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    Russell Simmons’ Daughter Aoki Lee Simmons Vacationing with 65-Year-Old Boyfriend: Russell Simmons Reacts

    The latest news surrounding Russell Simmons and his family has been making headlines. Images of his 21-year-old daughter, Aoki, vacationing with her 65-year-old boyfriend, Vittorio Assaf, have surfaced on the internet. Despite the age gap, Simmons has expressed his support for his daughter’s relationship, stating that he will not interfere with her choices but will offer his advice and unconditional love.

    While Aoki enjoys her vacation in St. Barts with her boyfriend, Russell Simmons found himself in hot water as he was served with a lawsuit from Drew Dixon. Dixon, who accused Simmons of defamation after he called her a liar and discredited her sexual assault allegations, claims that his comments have damaged her professional career. The lawsuit was personally delivered to Simmons by a process server named Daniel John Ayoub at a Bali resort where Simmons was staying.

    This lawsuit comes on the heels of another rape allegation against Russell Simmons by a former Def Jam employee known as Jane Doe. The woman alleges that Simmons assaulted her during a professional encounter, leading to financial and emotional distress. She is seeking monetary damages through a trial in New York City federal court.

    As the legal battles continue for Russell Simmons, the public is left to speculate on the outcome of these allegations and the impact they will have on his reputation and career. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.