TDE’s Punch Shows Respect for J. Cole’s Sincerity in Retracting Kendrick Lamar Diss

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    J. Cole Retracts Diss to Kendrick Lamar: Punch Shows Support

    J. Cole has made headlines once again, but this time for retracting his diss towards Kendrick Lamar. After releasing a diss track titled “7 Minute Drill” aimed at Lamar, Cole publicly apologized during his Dreamville Festival performance, calling it “the lamest shit I did in my fuckin’ life.”

    In a surprising turn of events, Cole expressed his respect for Lamar, referring to him as “one of the greatest motherfuckers to ever touch a microphone.” He admitted that the diss didn’t align with his character and instructed his manager to remove the song from streaming services.

    TDE executive Punch also chimed in, praising Cole for his genuine nature and courage to make the correction. Punch tweeted, “It’s rare to have enough heart to make the correction. It didn’t align with HIM so he fixed it in the same manner he engaged. Salute 🙏🏽”

    The diss track was part of Cole’s surprise mixtape, Might Delete Later, where he took shots at Lamar’s discography and career. However, Cole’s quick retraction and public apology have garnered positive reactions from fans and industry peers alike.

    This unexpected turn of events showcases Cole’s humility and willingness to admit his mistakes. As the hip-hop community continues to react to this surprising development, it’s clear that J. Cole’s integrity and respect for his fellow artists are qualities that set him apart in the rap game.