Monica CHECKS Ray J about Breakfast Club Comments on Possible Tour with Brandy

    Published on:

    Monica recently made headlines when she publicly checked Ray J for his controversial comments about a possible tour with her and her longtime collaborator, Brandy. The drama all started when Ray J appeared on The Breakfast Club and hinted at the possibility of a joint tour with the two iconic R&B singers.

    Fans were excited at the prospect of seeing Monica and Brandy perform together again, especially after their hit duet “The Boy is Mine.” However, Monica was quick to shut down the rumors and put Ray J in his place. In a fiery Instagram post, she called out the Love and Hip Hop star for speaking on behalf of her and Brandy without their consent.

    Monica made it clear that any decision regarding a tour would be made by her and Brandy alone, and not dictated by outside sources. She also emphasized that she has a great deal of respect for Brandy and their relationship is based on mutual love and admiration, not just business opportunities.

    Fans were quick to praise Monica for standing up for herself and setting the record straight. The singer’s no-nonsense attitude and fierce loyalty to her friend Brandy only endeared her to her supporters even more.

    As for Ray J, he has since backtracked on his comments and apologized for any confusion he may have caused. It seems like Monica has once again proven that she is not one to be messed with when it comes to her career and her relationships. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.