Symba Takes Aim at J. Cole and Emulates Kendrick Lamar in Latest Freestyle

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    Symba Calls Out J. Cole in Birthday Freestyle, Addresses Rap Game’s Shortcomings

    Symba Calls Out J. Cole in New Birthday Freestyle

    Symba celebrated his birthday in a unique way by dropping a fiery freestyle that took direct aim at J. Cole. The Bay Area native didn’t hold back as he addressed the current state of Hip-Hop and called out the Dreamville boss for his recent actions.

    In the freestyle, Symba rapped over Big Sean’s “Control” beat and didn’t waste any time getting to the point. He criticized the Rap game for various shortcomings, including sneak dissing in interviews and men pretending to be something they’re not to impress women.

    But the real target of Symba’s bars was J. Cole, who recently issued a public apology to Kendrick Lamar for dissing him on a track. Symba didn’t mince words as he called out Cole for giving up his spot in the game and questioned his authenticity as a top-tier artist.

    The controversial freestyle comes in the wake of Cole’s apology at the Dreamville Festival, where he expressed regret for his lyrics about Kendrick. The response from the Hip Hop community has been mixed, with some artists on the Dreamville roster speaking out against those who criticized Cole.

    Overall, Symba’s birthday freestyle has sparked a conversation about authenticity and integrity in Hip-Hop. As the industry continues to evolve, artists like Symba are unafraid to speak their minds and hold their peers accountable for their actions. Only time will tell how J. Cole and others will respond to this bold challenge.