Alicia Keys, winner of 16 Grammy Awards, releases music video for “Kaleidoscope”

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    Alicia Keys and Broadway Company of HELL’S KITCHEN Release Original Music Video for “Kaleidoscope”

    Alicia Keys and the Broadway company of HELL’S KITCHEN have released a captivating new music video for their original song “Kaleidoscope.” The video, filmed in Manhattan Plaza, serves as a love letter to the Hell’s Kitchen community where Keys was born and raised. With a colorful cast of extras, the video showcases the vibrant spirit of New York City, filled with music, dance, and community.

    Directed by New York native Kajal, the video captures the rhythm and energy of the city that inspired the song and the musical. The all-female directing team used unique camera angles and cinematic flair to bring the story to life. Choreography by Camille A. Brown adds another layer of artistry to the video.

    The cast of characters in the video brought their own sense of style to their wardrobe, reflecting the unique New York swagger. Alicia Keys herself makes a special appearance, wearing a custom-made GIANTS vest from the Dean Collection exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, designed by Savant.

    Keys expressed her pride in showcasing Hell’s Kitchen and the community that shaped her, as well as the talented cast of the musical. She hopes the video will inspire viewers with the hope and dreams that define the city. The video is a celebration of the city’s magic and the belief that “anything is possible here.”