Angel Reese Speaks on the Viral Ai N*de Photos of her! “I Would Never”

    Published on:

    Rising social media star Angel Reese has finally broken her silence on the viral Ai N*de photos that have been circulating online. In an exclusive interview with Gossip Central, Angel spoke out against the scandal, declaring, “I would never.”

    The 23-year-old influencer, known for her glamorous lifestyle and impeccable fashion sense, found herself embroiled in controversy after explicit images allegedly featuring her surfaced on the internet. However, Angel vehemently denies any involvement in the scandal, stating that the photos are fake and doctored.

    “I was shocked and devastated when I saw those photos online,” Angel shared with tears in her eyes. “I would never do something like that. It’s not who I am. My reputation and integrity mean everything to me.”

    Despite facing backlash and criticism from her followers and the public, Angel remains steadfast in her denial and is determined to clear her name. Her legal team is currently working to track down the source of the photos and take legal action against those responsible for spreading false information.

    As the scandal continues to unfold, Angel’s fans have shown their unwavering support for the influencer, flooding her social media accounts with messages of love and encouragement. With her loyal fan base standing by her side, Angel is confident that the truth will eventually come to light.

    Stay tuned to Gossip Central for more updates on Angel Reese’s fight to clear her name and put an end to the viral scandal once and for all.