Azealia Banks Attacked by Doechii in Fiery Rant

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    Doechii Calls Out Azealia Banks in Scathing Rant: “Wasted Talent”

    In a fiery exchange on social media, Doechii and Azealia Banks have engaged in a heated war of words, with both artists taking shots at each other’s careers and personal lives.

    Doechii, a TDE signee, started the feud by criticizing Banks for allegedly gossiping about Black artists and selling beauty products instead of focusing on her music career. She accused Banks of being a “wasted talent” and insinuated that she was being used by white gays to attack other Black artists.

    Banks quickly fired back, boasting about the success of her beauty products brand CHEAPYXO and making personal attacks on Doechii’s appearance. She claimed that Doechii’s videos showed “poop barnacles” on her buttcheeks and suggested that her “yellow” eyes indicated early stage liver failure.

    The feud escalated further when Banks tried to sell her healthcare products to Doechii, who responded by highlighting her own musical achievements and asking Banks to leave her alone.

    The back-and-forth between the two artists was sparked by Banks calling Doechii’s fans “wannabes” after a fanbase nickname suggestion, leading to a full-blown social media war that has captivated fans and followers.

    As the feud continues to unfold online, fans are eagerly watching to see if these two talented artists can find a way to resolve their differences or if the war of words will continue to escalate. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.