Collaboration Between Baby Rose and BADBADNOTGOOD Results in Dynamic New EP “Slow Burn”

    Published on:

    Baby Rose & BADBADNOTGOOD Release New EP “Slow Burn” with Vintage Vibes

    North Carolina-based singer Baby Rose has added another impressive collaboration to her resume with the release of a new EP titled Slow Burn, in partnership with Canadian jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD. The 6-track project showcases a unique blend of Baby Rose’s soulful vocals and BBNG’s smooth jazz sound, creating a relaxed and vintage vibe that is sure to captivate listeners.

    The lead single “One Last Dance” has already gained significant traction, amassing nearly 1.5 million streams on Spotify in less than a month. The full EP, totaling 23 minutes of material, features standout tracks like “On My Mind” and “Caroline,” where Baby Rose’s vocal prowess shines alongside guest vocalist Mereba.

    BADBADNOTGOOD is no stranger to boundary-pushing collaborations, having previously worked with artists like Ghostface Killah and Westside Gunn. Their partnership with Baby Rose on Slow Burn demonstrates a seamless fusion of their respective styles, resulting in a cohesive and vibrant musical experience.

    Fans and critics alike are praising the unique chemistry between Baby Rose and BADBADNOTGOOD on this project, with many eager to see what future collaborations may come from this unexpected pairing. As the music industry continues to embrace unconventional partnerships, the success of Slow Burn serves as a testament to the power of artistic experimentation and collaboration in creating compelling music.