J. Cole Accused of Collaborating with Future and Metro Boomin Instead of Drake

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    J. Cole Accused of “Switching Up” on Drake with Surprise Future and Metro Boomin Collab

    J. Cole Accused of Betraying Drake by Collaborating with Future and Metro Boomin on New Album

    J. Cole has found himself in hot water after making a surprise appearance on the new album from Drake’s apparent rivals, Future and Metro Boomin. The album, titled We Still Don’t Trust You, dropped on Friday and features Cole on the track “Red Leather.”

    In the R&B-infused song, Cole boasts about his legacy and questions the concept of monogamy while also mentioning fellow rapper and OnlyFans star Rubi Rose. The lyrics have sparked controversy and accusations of betrayal towards Drake, especially since the album also includes diss tracks aimed at the Canadian hitmaker from A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd.

    Many fans took to social media to express their disappointment in Cole for seemingly switching sides and turning against Drake. Memes and videos were shared, highlighting the perceived betrayal and the drama surrounding the situation.

    Prior to this collaboration, J. Cole was seen as one of Drake’s closest allies in the industry. However, recent events have caused tension between the two, with rumors swirling about a potential diss track from Drake in response to the growing number of enemies he’s facing.

    As the feud continues to escalate, fans are eagerly awaiting Drake’s response to the situation and whether he will address the accusations of betrayal from J. Cole. The hip-hop world is buzzing with anticipation for what could be a potential showdown between the two artists.