Mo’Nique & Her Husband DESTROYS DL Hughley Hollywood Unlocked Interview With Jason Lee

    Published on:

    Popular comedian Mo’Nique and her husband just took down DL Hughley in a fiery interview with Jason Lee on Hollywood Unlocked. The savage showdown had fans buzzing as the couple did not hold back in calling out the veteran comedian for his controversial comments.

    During the interview, DL Hughley made some bold statements about Mo’Nique, criticizing her for not being able to take a joke and accusing her of being difficult to work with in Hollywood. Mo’Nique and her husband quickly fired back, slamming Hughley for disrespecting her and undermining her talent.

    The couple did not back down, passionately defending Mo’Nique’s reputation and calling out Hughley for perpetuating negative stereotypes about black women in the industry. The exchange was tense, with both sides refusing to back down in the heated debate.

    Fans were quick to take sides, with many praising Mo’Nique and her husband for standing up for themselves and not letting Hughley’s comments go unchecked. The interview quickly went viral, with social media buzzing about the intense showdown between the comedians.

    This battle of words between Mo’Nique and DL Hughley has certainly stirred up the gossip mill, leaving fans eagerly awaiting for the next chapter in this fiery feud. Stay tuned for more updates on this Hollywood drama!