Pouya Opens Up About XXXTentacion’s Support During His Girlfriend’s Cancer Diagnosis

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    Pouya Reflects on XXXTentacion’s Influence and Support

    In a heartwarming revelation, rapper Pouya shared a touching story about the late XXXTentacion and how the young artist provided him with support during a difficult time in his life. Pouya, known for his early mixtapes and YouTube channel, was deeply moved when he came across an interview clip where XXXTentacion praised him and fellow rapper Denzel Curry as inspirations for his sound.

    The emotional post on Instagram detailed how XXXTentacion had been there for Pouya when his girlfriend was battling cancer, offering advice and support through FaceTime calls. Pouya expressed his gratitude for the support he received during that challenging period and lamented the loss of XXXTentacion, stating, “sucks that he’s gone. Idk this s**t put a fire in me.”

    Pouya’s admiration for XXXTentacion was further highlighted in a tribute song titled “When Will I See You?” on his 2019 album. The lyrics reflect on mortality and the untimely deaths of young artists in the industry, prompting Pouya to contemplate his own future in hip-hop.

    In a surprising turn of events, Pouya recently announced his plans to retire from music after the release of his upcoming album, Album 6. Despite the news of his retirement, fans can still enjoy his music through his latest EP with Fat Nick, All But 6, Vol. 2.

    The touching story of friendship and support between Pouya and XXXTentacion serves as a reminder of the impact artists can have on each other’s lives, both personally and professionally.