Cardi B Gives Fans a Rainy Driving Tutorial in Her Rolls-Royce

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    Cardi B Learns to Drive in Her Rolls Royce: A Step Towards a Healthy Habit

    Cardi B is making moves to finally get her driver’s license, and she’s taking fans along for the ride โ€“ quite literally. In an Instagram Live session, the Grammy-winning rapper shared her first driving lesson in her Rolls Royce, one of the many luxury cars she owns.

    Admitting that she was too nervous to back up the car, Cardi switched places with her driving instructor but remained determined to pick up a healthy habit as advised by her therapist. She explained to her followers that she needed to find a balance between work and personal life, and driving was her chosen activity.

    The “WAP” hitmaker also revealed that she owns a Bentley truck but couldn’t find the keys, so she had no choice but to learn in her Rolls Royce. This isn’t the first time Cardi has shown off her impressive car collection, which includes a red Ferrari SUV gifted by her husband Offset and a black Maybach SUV.

    While Cardi joked about selling off her cars that were collecting dust, it’s unlikely to happen as Offset, a self-proclaimed luxury car connoisseur, has received extravagant gifts from her in the past. From a $700,000 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ to a refrigerator full of cash, Cardi has spared no expense in showing her love for her husband.

    As Cardi continues her driving lessons, fans can expect more entertaining updates from the rap superstar as she navigates the road to getting her driver’s license.