Halle Bailey Fans Backtrack after Calling DDG a BUM! “He’s Winning Us Back”

    Published on:

    It seems like the tides have turned in the world of celebrity fandom, as Halle Bailey fans are now backtracking on their previous harsh words towards rapper DDG. Just weeks ago, fans of the “Little Mermaid” star were quick to label DDG as a “bum” after rumors began swirling that the two were romantically involved.

    However, it appears that DDG’s recent actions have won over the hearts of Bailey’s loyal followers. The rapper has been spotted showering Bailey with lavish gifts and publicly declaring his affection for the talented actress. In a recent Instagram post, DDG shared a photo of himself and Bailey looking adoringly at each other with the caption, “She’s a queen and I’m her king. Nothing but love for this girl.”

    The sweet gesture seemed to have swayed Bailey’s fans, who have been flooding social media with messages of support for the newfound couple. One fan tweeted, “I may have called DDG a bum before, but he’s winning us back with his love for Halle. They look so happy together!”

    It looks like love truly does conquer all, as DDG and Halle Bailey’s relationship continues to blossom despite the initial backlash from fans. Only time will tell if this newfound romance will stand the test of fame and fortune, but for now, it seems that love is in the air for these two young stars.