Schoolboy Q Doubts the Possibility of a New Black Hippy Album Ever Being Released

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    ScHoolboy Q Rules Out Possibility of New Black Hippy Album, Focuses on Individual Projects

    ScHoolboy Q has dashed the hopes of Black Hippy fans everywhere by declaring that a new album from the collective will never happen. The TDE artist made his stance clear during an appearance on The Danny Brown Show, where he emphatically stated, “I’m not making no Black Hippy shit. Hell no. I’ll never do that shit.”

    When pressed further about the possibility of a reunion for the sake of “the culture,” Q bluntly replied, “Fuck the culture. Ain’t no culture. What is the culture? What is rap culture? What is the fucking rap culture?”

    The rapper explained that all members of Black Hippy, including Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock, are currently focused on their individual projects and have no plans to come together for a collaborative album. Despite fans’ persistent inquiries, Q emphasized that the timing and logistics simply do not align for the group to reunite in the near future.

    In addition to addressing the Black Hippy situation, ScHoolboy Q also discussed TDE’s artist recruitment process and revealed how 50 Cent played a pivotal role in inspiring him to pursue a career in rap.

    With the door firmly closed on a Black Hippy reunion, fans will have to content themselves with the solo endeavors of each member as they continue to carve out their own paths in the music industry.