Donnell Rawlings Confronts Corey Holcomb For Dissing Him & Dave Chappelle (Callers Go Off)

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    Comedian Donnell Rawlings recently found himself in a heated exchange with fellow comedian Corey Holcomb after Holcomb allegedly dissed him and Dave Chappelle. The confrontation happened on Holcomb’s radio show, ‘The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show’, and things quickly escalated as callers chimed in with their opinions.

    It all started when Holcomb made some negative comments about Rawlings and Chappelle’s comedy specials, causing Rawlings to call into the show and address the situation head-on. The exchange between the two comedians quickly turned tense as they both stood their ground and defended their work.

    As the argument unfolded, callers began to weigh in on the issue, with some taking Rawlings’ side and others siding with Holcomb. Emotions ran high as fans of both comedians passionately defended their favorite funnyman.

    In the end, it was clear that there is no love lost between Rawlings and Holcomb, but the confrontation certainly made for some entertaining radio drama. Only time will tell if these two comedians can bury the hatchet and move on from this public feud. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.