Drake Refutes Rick Ross’ Nose Job Accusations, Fires Back with Cutting Diss Track

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    Drake Claps Back at Rick Ross’ Nose Job Claims

    In a surprising turn of events, Rick Ross’ response track to Drake’s diss took an unexpected form – an Amazon same-day delivery. The feud escalated quickly as Drake wasted no time in firing back with a clap-back of his own, but not in the form of a diss track. Instead, he took to his Instagram Story to share a screenshot of a text message exchange with his mother, who had a wholesome response to the rumors started by Rozay.

    In the text exchange, Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, humorously asked her son about rumors of him getting a nose job. She expressed her disbelief and joked about not being included in the decision, as she had always wanted one herself. Drake responded with crying-laughing emojis and reassured his mother that the rumors were coming from a place of anger and racism from Rick Ross.

    Drake further addressed the situation on his Instagram Story, calling Rick Ross a “nosey goof” and hinting at the end of their OVO/MMG partnership. Despite their past collaborations, it seems that the feud has put a strain on their relationship.

    As fans speculate on the future of their feud, it’s clear that both artists are not holding back in their responses. The drama continues to unfold, leaving many wondering what will happen next in this unexpected beef. Stay tuned for more updates on Drake and Rick Ross as the story develops.