JT Remembers a Fan Attempting to Rap Battle Her at an Afterparty: “Y’all Got Some Nerve.”

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    JT’s Encounter with a Fan at an Afterparty: A Recap

    Rapper JT of City Girls recently found herself in a sticky situation when a fan approached her at an afterparty with the intention of challenging her to a rap battle. JT took to social media to share her side of the story, expressing her frustration with the fan’s bold move.

    In her post, JT recounted how the fan pulled up on her at the club and tried to initiate a rap battle, despite the fact that it was just an afterparty and not a performance. She called out the fan for being disrespectful and urged her followers to behave themselves, stating that they were “getting out of hand.”

    The incident sparked mixed reactions from fans when LiveBitez shared the clip on Instagram. Some defended JT, pointing out that she had been engaging in rap battles with fans throughout her tour. Others criticized the fan for their audacity, with one user attributing the confusion to a generational difference.

    This isn’t the first time JT has made headlines recently. She also made waves for coming to the defense of her partner Lil Uzi Vert after their Coachella performance, shutting down critics of Uzi’s dance moves. JT’s loyal fans can expect more updates on her activities from HotNewHipHop.

    As JT continues to navigate the ups and downs of fame, one thing is clear – she won’t hesitate to speak her mind and defend herself against anyone who tries to challenge her, whether on stage or at an afterparty.