Meek Mill Criticized for Seeking Business Advice from Fans

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    Meek Mill Roasted for Asking Business Advice from Followers, Not Billionaire Friends

    Meek Mill Faces Backlash for Seeking Business Advice from Followers Instead of Billionaire Friends

    Meek Mill, the MMG rapper, found himself in hot water once again after turning to his followers on social media for business advice rather than consulting his billionaire friends. On Thursday, Meek took to Twitter to ask for help in sourcing products from China for his companies, sparking a wave of criticism from fans.

    Many users pointed out Meek’s close connections with wealthy figures like Robert Kraft and Michael Rubin, questioning why he would seek advice from the general public instead of his affluent friends. One user sarcastically remarked, “How you a millionaire with zero connections,” while another suggested, “Ask your fellow billionaires. We know you won’t hire any of the recommendations here.”

    This isn’t the first time Meek Mill has faced backlash for his online behavior. Earlier this year, he asked African followers about their music preferences, only to be met with humorous responses mocking African stereotypes.

    Despite the criticism, Meek Mill continues to engage with his fans on social media, showcasing a more relatable side to his celebrity status. However, it seems that his online antics often lead to unintended consequences, with fans quick to call him out on his missteps.